Why Coded TV

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One reason the likes of Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, Chief. Obafemi Awolowo, Chief. Anthony Ehahoro and the likes of others were able to stand against the British colonial administration and won Nigeria’s independence in 1960, was because these young people had access to opportunities that gave them sound education which in turn gave them the capacity to fight for their heart desires. Many Nigerians know what they want but lack the capacity to fight and win.

This Channel is purely a research-based channel. We offer to constantly on lookout for opportunities (both local and international), and how to access them and present the information to the public regularly. We will make available on our TV information such as scholarship opportunities, grants for all kind of projects and many other benefits. This will form the primary operations of the TV while every other program will be secondary.

All programs would be purpose driven and focus on the subject matter of the program. For instance, any discussion on fashion will strictly focus on opportunities. Anyone talking about fashion will only talk about opportunities available in fashion industry and how to access them. The same also applies to sports, health, business, media and other sectors.

The youths are the future of any nation, but with the present array of youth our nation parade; we cannot actually vouch for a great future? We are at a time when our youth are lazy, incompetent and lack direction for a future. The nation Nigeria has never been this tensed, divided with a future full of uncertainties for the teeming young people because we have produced number of graduates without sound intellectual capacity. There is a great gap waiting to be filled, and we are going to stand in the gap by providing opportunities and platforms with the sole aim of providing capacity developments for Nigerians youth – connecting the helpless with needed helps

It is obvious that the Nigeria nation is today faced with a challenging economy, coupled with insecurity, but we also have many opportunities that many Nigerians youth are not aware of, and even those who have the knowledge of its existence are incapacitated by lack of access to right information.
We offer to make available this required opportunities and information on how to access them.

Furthermore, crime rate is on the rise and many youths are behind the bars for various crimes, ranging from kidnapping to internet fraud and money laundering. When the future is bleak and youths are not fully engaged in profitable programs, they tend to fall under pressure to commit crime in order to keep a life style that is not right. We are committed to breaking this cycle by providing lasting hope for every young Nigerian.