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We cover and promotes event especially Seminar, Workshop and Educational Programs at a very affordable price.

You can reach us on 08094793194 or send mail to contact@codedtv.com.ng for more information.


Service Overview

Coded TV major aim is to enhance the capacity of each of our clients. We will help you achieve your set targets.

Our Core Value
To project the good image of Nigeria to the whole world.

Our various packages include the following:

Promotional Video Package/Brand Films

Promotional videos package will cover:

  • Brand awareness (from 5 minutes upward video )
  • Drive sales (60 seconds Video)
  • Drive traffic (60 seconds Video)
  • Increase customer engagement (5 minutes Video)
  • Educate customers (10 minutes Video)

One thing to note: if you have multiple goals, we advise creating multiple videos. The more goals (or ideas) we try to cram into one video (especially a short one) the more likely you’ll complicate the script and confuse your audience. However, in the case of multiple videos, we give a discount of 25% on the second video and 50% on the third and we can negotiate further if the videos are more than 4 concepts.

Case Study/Success Story Video

All great case studies rest on a compelling story. To extract that story from your client, it’s necessary to have some sort of informal pre-interview chat with them to talk through their experiences (and their suitability as case study subject). Next, the story must be constructed from your client’s background, their core problem and their experiences with your product or service. The structure we use is called the classic 4-part format:

  • the situation,
  • the problem,
  • the solution,
  • the outcome.

But how do you get your client to tell that story in a natural way? Through the right interview questions and thankfully we have the expertise to make this happen.

Video Content Marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating relevant and unique content intended to change the behavior of your target audience over time. Content marketing spans numerous channels, including web, email, social networking, and video. A video is one of the most powerful means of distributing your message. Work well in both long and short formats – from 6-second Vine videos to full-length documentary films, and everywhere in between.

Timely, stand-alone statement pieces or ongoing serialized conversations that unfold over time. Be presented as the main course or served as a pre-roll advertising appetizer. Thrive in virtually any content platform – e.g., your website, blog, or other owned channels; in emails; on third-party video sites like YouTube; or inside powerpoint presentations and even webinars. We repackaged, repurposed, and republished in conjunction with your other relevant contents. This video concept includes videos format that can be published on social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. This package comes in two formats; 60 seconds and featured length (any minutes).

Organization Internal Communication Video

Thanks to advances in video technology, it’s more accessible. We are witnessing a fast adoption of video and seeing it integrated into existing marketing, communication, and content strategies. Why? Well for starters it’s more engaging than the traditional email, memo, fax or even document. To top it off, thanks to multi-media and smartphones, it’s now able to be consumed anywhere, anytime.

This package is good for:
CEO Update or message to staff
CEO video messages not only satisfy staff curiosity, but they also build trust. A study conducted by Ragan Communications revealed another benefit, that video is the reason why 44% of their employees are more engaged with senior executives.

Education and Training
Aside from enhanced learning, videos also reduce training time and cost and can be available anytime, anywhere. Videos also provide a standardized form of learning for new hires and regular employees, induction for new staff and alike.

Announcements and General Updates
Not all news is good, nor is it always bad. Anything unknown can be frightening and some concepts can be complicated, but with video as the communication tool, information can be controlled, and explanations can be structured and broken down into easy to digest bits of information. Plus, emotions or tones that are usually lost in emails and other traditional forms of communication would exactly be found in videos.

You remember the last time you missed out on a company event only to realize that no one filmed it? Or, that time your team won the award for best video blah blah Awards? Your company gets this cover with this package. You won’t miss any memorable moment again.

Training Video
This is a form of video training that can be use for webinar purpose or induction for new staff. This video will be shot in a presenter’s view.

Event Video Coverage

(We use at least 3 cameras or more to cover an event.)

  1. Workshop/Seminar coverage
  2. AGM/Corporate Event Coverage
  3. Workshop/ Seminar – on TV
  4. Wedding Coverage
  5. Societal/ Celebrity Wedding Touch
  6. Birthday/Anniversary Event Coverage

And the good news about our services is that our prices are very affordable because our aim is to project the good image of our clients to the whole world.


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