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This is a platform for Nigerian Student to interact and discuss related issues. We will have at least 2 and maximum of 5 representatives in all Higher Institutions in Nigeria. The aim of this is to ensure every student is given the needed support. For instance, if you know any of your friends who is brilliant but currently facing some challenges maybe financially or other issues. If such issue is brought forward here, we will raise help promptly.

Also, there will be quarterly quiz and essay competition with monetary and scholarship reward. Watch out for details of the first edition.

If you are interested in being part of representative team in your school, this are the requirements:


  1. First year students and final year students are not eligible (Because we want you to focus on your courses at this sensitive period).
  2. Must be between the ages of 18-40.
  3. Must be academically and intellectually sound and must maintain at least 3.5 gpa.
  4. Must be internet savvy
  5. Must have passions for writing and be able to write well.
  6. Must have update knowledge of both local and global communities
  7. Must have a specialized field of interest and be good at it with basic knowledge


  1. We will be responsible for payment of Tuition fees of accepted candidates.
  2. As a representative, you will have access to professional mentorship programs free of charge.
  3. And you will have access to large circle of influential professional networks.
  4. And there are many more benefits

If you are qualified, get in touch by sending your letter of interest to: 

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