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Does anyone remember the first sets of China phones in Nigeria Market? Oh, those phones are laughable but we still bought it anyway. And obviously China has improved and still improving with their phone production. Why? Because we patronize them. From experience, people do not want to patronize made-in-Nigeria Products because we believed it is substandard, but if we keep faith with china when they sent us horrible products and still patronize them, we need to start doing the same with our indigenous products because that is what is killing our economy and when we are consistent. We will definitely improved. As a matter of fact, made-in-Nigeria Products now possess global standard, Yes, we agreed that we still have long way to go but we need to start somewhere. And that somewhere is for us to call attentions of Nigerians to Nigeria made products.

With this in mind, we have created this platform to bring young entrepreneurs together (especially start-ups) and collaborate to ensure we have standard and markets. Part of what we are doing is called “Naija start-up Product Promotion’. This is free promotional video for all Naija start-up. Example of such is Arewa Gold Innovation, where Ms Oluwadunsin Praise Ogundipe, a graduate of Agricultural Education from Ekiti State University who is now into production of leather bags, belts, and all sorts of leather accessories.

This is was recorded in our studio for free of charge and we have done this for few others.

Also, there are many entrepreneurs who are struggling, we believe if we creates a forum where everyone can share ideas and challenges, we will have a better business clime and our economy will grow.

If you are a young Nigeria entrepreneur, this platform is created for you. We need to start promoting each other to reach wide audience. Nigeria we grow stronger economically when Nigerians patronize homemade products and that is what we intend to achieve with this forum. You can join us on our social media platform and we will be glad to promote your product free of charge.

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