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    This is a weekly whiz quiz session (on either sports, fashion, politics or any trending news) on a particular subject every week; it will hold every Friday, 7 pm (CAT) beginning from August 3, 2018. A question will be posted on all our social media platforms with a one-hour deadline for answer submission. Whoever gives the right answer will win some goodies (from cash prize to other interesting stuff.)


    Only those who follow us all our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin) will be eligible to participate in Q&A.  Anyone who gives a correct response but is yet to follow us before answering will not receive any prize and the prize will be given to the next person will the right answer.

    The first person to give the correct answer after the question has been posted receives the prize.

    Winner will be announced at the end of a given deadline and prize will be sent immediately or the winner will be informed of the location where to pick their prize.

    To get more updates, follow us on all our social media platforms and subscribe to our Youtube channel.