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    Life is a journey that a wise man must not embark upon alone. We need companions to get started and finish well. A lot of people have started their journey alone but they never arrived at their desired destination because when tiredness and discouragement attacked them, they had no companion to cheer them in their lowly period, so, they gave up and they are back at where they started. The essence of this program is to be the inspirations for millions of people all over the world.

    Some people have great ideas but have no clue on where to start, who to meet and how to thrive in our ever challenging world and this set of setbacks has kept them at bay, far removed from where they dreamt to be.

    Some are doing great with their ideas but needs some sort of echoes to remind them they are not alone in this feat for them to step up and surpass their previous achieved goals.

    In all, we all need someone to inspire us, put smiles on our face and tell us, we are doing fine; we will soon get there if we don’t stop working. And that is the aim of “Inspire me” program.

    1. We will identify young people (Preferably between 1-20 years old) or elderly people (50 years and above) who are exceptionally gifted but lack basic financial support to survive. There are many young people who want to go to school (even secondary school) but lack the financial support. Our aim is to identify these ones and publicize the case with an objective of raising help.
    2. There are many who have a laudable idea to start a small business but are still struggling for financial support. We will identify these ones and raise needed capital for them to take off.


    For more inquiry, please send mail to communitiesdevelopmentforum@codedtv.com.ng