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    We at Coded TV have plans and logic that helps us in the running of our operations. They include innovation, capacity development, social responsibility and togetherness.

    Summary of our plan and logic used is being explained as listed.

    • We discover the lapses, challenges and backward lifestyles of our youth and take a step to change the status quo. At least 15 out of every 20 youth lack capacity for innovations that can have a positive impact on our economy as a nation. And where these youth are lacking currently is in the area of capacity development. We will create communities of intelligent and resourceful young people with one focus, ‘together we will identify a problem, together we will solve it’
    • Coded TV with a clean sheet opportunity has the vision to structure and develop platforms that will train and empower at least 1000 youth every quarter with an aim to increase youth participation in economic development initiatives.
    • Coded TV is led by a young knowledgeable management team with world-class experience who understand the plight of the youth in our nation and is supported by an accomplished Board of Directors.
    • We plan to offer free seminars/workshop, free mentorship programs, small business owners forum and neighbourhood development initiatives that will enhance grassroots developments and affect the youth positively. Coded TV is what happens when we get tired of the status quo and decide to do something different with aims to cause an upward change from the grassroots.
    • Coded TV has designed well structured informative arrays of programs with a special focus of all programs on capacity development. We will regularly air views and counsel of industry giants to our youth and subscribers will have access to all programs at no cost.

    Our operation aim is to create platforms that bring like-minds together with a focus to collaborate and support each other. Every month we will bring 100 youth together for this purpose. Our vision is to train and empower at least 5,000 youth in our first year and increase that by 25% annually.

    Our Youth are creative and ready to explore uncharted territory but largely their strength and creativity are directed towards some negative platforms that give them temporary pleasure. An average Nigerian youth is not lazy but they are largely unskilled and the few that are skilled lack access to fund to establish small start-up.

    Our vision to tackle the area of lapses in skill, by providing platforms that train and also tackle the area of funding by engaging companies and influential individuals to give grants to those we identify to be intelligent and resourceful youth for small start-ups take-off.


    CODED MASTERCLASS 1.0,  the first edition will hold on August 25, 2018, at RCCG, Cornerstone Zonal Headquarter, Ladipo Estate, Shogunle, Oshodi by 10:00 am.





    Watch this space for updates on Coded Masterclass