Avatar peacemaker | May 31, 2018

THIS IS OUR JOURNEY: From Pushcart Operator To Businessman

This question in every society no matter the crisis, remains, what can you do? Not what government can do for you. We want you to watch and listen to this Nescafe documentary video.

Every year, thousands of young Nigerians enter the labour market, academic qualification in hand, and hope in their hearts. This was the story of Mr. Wasiu Adeyeye, an educated young man, but that hope slowly faded, as it seemed the dream job was never going to come. He picked up a job many will consider odd.  #ThisIsOurJourney #NestleCSV

This is for you to think outside the box. After searching for job for so long and none seems coming, does it mean there is nothing else you can do?

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