Avatar peacemaker | July 23, 2018

This program will air the bitter and sweet experience of varieties of people in Lagos.

According to extant political records, “Lagos is to the people of Nigeria, what the head is to the body of an individual.” Prior to the Portuguese name of Lagos being adopted, Lagos was originally called Eko, which stems from either Oko (Yoruba: “cassava farm”) or Eko (“war camp”), by its Bini conquerors. (google wiki).

Lagos is the land of the Nigerian dream. This is a city open for ownership to those who are hungry for success in any form as this city has been called ‘No man land’. As long as you can blend and adapt to the noise and bustling of Eko Akete, all will be yours. And what many people do is to take advantage of the innocence and openness of both newcomers and even those who already understand some of the tricksters’ antics. Some call it Lagos, others called it Eko and the new school call it ‘Lasgidi’. but whatever you call this city depends on your experience.

This is a life experience of people that have fall victim to fraudsters’ antics in Lagos. The aim of this program is to keep people informed and alert to fraudsters and criminal antics. And we encourage people to come forward and share their experience to help others escape such evil traps. If you have any experience you know is worth sharing for the benefits of others, please send your story to