Get Involved – Let us rebrand Nigeria

Avatar peacemaker | May 29, 2018

Taiwo Peace Oyeniyi Founder, Code TV

No one is coming to save us. We need to save each other. For this purpose, we are starting a movement.


Nigerians are Nigeria’s problem. For us to really change this country, we don’t need all Nigerians, We just one million Nigerians. For instance,

Here Nothing Works…

…what is it in ourselves or in our soil
That thing which connect so well elsewhere
Like the telephone, the motorway, the airways
Dislocate our lives so much that we all
Begin to doubt our own intelligence?

Anyone who reads this excerpt will think this was written recently. This piece was written in the year 1985 by one of the Nigeria foremost writer, JP Clark, published in his book titled ‘State of the Nation’. Just imagine that! Here, nothing works! What exactly is our problem? We need to challenge the conventional thinking patterns of Nigerian Youth (because we are the future of any nation) and forges a new pathway of self-reliance, pursuit of knowledge and nation building strategies by formulating innovative ideas that will give our Nigeria a beautiful image. We have all it takes to be the best in the world. Nigeria problem is as old as Nigeria age and people have been talking about the problem, debating and protesting, we need to start a new approach – We need to forge a clear pathway for the future in economy, in technology advancement, in education, in health sector and certainly in leadership system.

The government has failed us, and from the familiar trend, we don’t see that trend changing for years to come. So, we need to do something to alleviate the pain and give ourselves a fighting and possibly winning edge. Our responsibility is to arrest these shortfalls by providing platforms for self development, career enhancement programs, educating and inspiring programs using different medium to attract the youth. We are creating a platform to help each other to achieve each other’s dream.

We have to come together and create a platform that will connect all Nigerian youths with one focus, to train, empower, provide platform for apprenticeship and give capacity to positively impact on our nation. On my own, I had little and I believe everybody has something to offer, and when we come together and put the little together, the little will create a multiplier effect when more people come together for a cause. We have come to you to join hands with us and together we will pursue mediocrity, complacency, laziness, lack of direction and most of all, poverty away from our land by creating a platform for capacity development for our leaders of tomorrow.


Our Youth are creative and ready to explore uncharted territories; but largely, their strength and creativity is directed towards some negative platforms that give them temporary pleasure. It was estimated that about 30 million Nigerian Youths spent about N465bn by voting on the just concluded BBN Show. Such amount was spent by 25% of our population in less than six months? And N300bn was spent on betting in 2017 alone. Imagine if we can create a platform where they can spend this money for national project that will directly be of benefit to them forever? We have an idea to solve this problem and we need you to join hands with us to achieve result.

We have this believe through interactions and experience that it is the prevalent corruption at the grassroots level that is giving life to the corruption at the top. If we can arrest and curb the ignorance and complacency nature of most of our youth at the grassroots, we will witness great change in our society. The politicians are getting to them and using them as tout and tools to cause mayhem, we need to get them and give them platform to be a better person our society seriously needs.

We will OPERATE FROM GRASSROOTS LEVEL and by this; we will ensure we have points of meeting in every local government area (using available space, but majorly Church to achieve this) and every higher institutions in the country. We are going to encourage regular meeting of Youth to address critical issues affecting youth in their vicinity and their suggestions to combat such issues.


With one million committed Nigerians, we can start a revolution in every sector in Nigeria. Our focus will be;

  • What works
  • Why it works
  • How it works
  • And for each and everyone of us to get to work

We have created an Online TV stations where Nigerians can share innovative ideas with Nigeria and we will create a community to fund ideas that will alleviate poverty and make communities rich. Also, on Coded TV, we will air inspiring and educating programs which we will make accessible to all Nigerian and to the entire world, FOR FREE. We have talented and skills individual in this country but alone, they cannot achieve much, but when we come together as a community we can make all the difference. There are so many possibilities that we are yet to consider as a nation. Do you think we don’t have Nigerian that can make a Naija made phone? We just don’t have yet because we are yet to consider the notion. It is time for us to explore possibilities as a nation with clear focus!

CODED TV specializes in Capacity Developments for Nigerian youth. Our major focus research for opportunities and how Nigerian youth can access such opportunities gather the information and make it accessible for all at no cost. For instance, if a university advertises for scholarship for African students on their websites or on social media, we will inquire directly from the university to confirm the authenticity of such information and it can be access. And we will appreciate anyone who can also supply such information to us. Kindly ensure the information you are trying to get across is genuine. Most of this information has deadlines, kindly note the time frame too.

When an opportunity is discovered, it is our job to test it and be sure it’s genuine before we put in it in public domain. There are many business grants online for all kind of business both local and internationally. We are to research into all these and make it available for Nigerian youth.

We are open to partnership with any organization or individual who have passion to ensure Nigeria regain her status as giant of Africa; not in words but in deeds!

Also, In this regards, we need to raise at least 1,000 and Maximum of 100,000 undergraduates who are willing to work as volunteers at the moment to work with us in various institutions across Nigeria. We need at least 2 people from as many institutions as we can get from April 2018. We need maximum of 1,000,000. Their responsibility is simple. To compile list of brilliant students in their various institutions and give us their short bio. We need to start guiding our talent and create a platform for them to succeed. Most of our brilliant students are lost in crowd after graduation.  We will ensure every Nigerian Youth (both undergraduates and graduates) are sound both academically and intellectually.

When we get this people, we will create a social media group where we will be discussing and we will daily give out assignments of what we need to do. The major objectives of this community are to gather information that can benefit Nigerian Youth. There are numerous opportunities online and we need to start guiding our youth to find such information instead of waste their time online visiting gossip sites. Let us start a slogan;

“Do not use your MB anymore, invest your MB”


Everywhere in Nigeria.
This is an online and social platform. So, we are not limited to anywhere. We have plans to have at least five representatives in all higher institutions in Nigeria.

So, do you have an innovative Idea that can make Nigeria better for us all?  Let us get the conversation started. Follow us all on social media platforms and let us get the movement started.

Our official take off date is October 1, 2018. 
It is time to be truly independent as a nation. Please spread the word and let’s get the movement started!