Avatar peacemaker | September 5, 2018

Some people believed short people are proud, repulsive and domineering in nature. Others are indifferent. What is your take on short people?

Why is it that short people cannot join security forces? Do you know?

This is a hilarious show but center around short people; their achievements, their natural temperament. And the show will conclude with interview sessions with them on live show revealing good and ugly side of short people.

The question will centre around personal, professional and spirituality of each personality that feature on each episode.

This is going to be fun, entertaining and mostly, educating!

Are you a person under average height? This show is for you and your friends and families! What side of you is hidden that is good that you want the world to know?

Join us every Saturday evening for a new episode of short men diary with Abiodun Mabadeje and Taiwo Peace Oyeniyi as Host!

Premiere episode coming soon!!!